Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Mom's Side of the Family Story!

My mother's grandfather on her fathers side is, James Edward Battjes.

My mother's grandmother on her fathers side is, Mary Jane Hybel.

My mother's grandmother is Delores Forche. Her history is listed on this Blog. She was one of the first women executives as Head of Computer Security (in the 70s-80s).

My mother's grandfather on her mother's side is Billy Cook. He owned "Cook Brothers Dairy" which had been in the family for generations. He also was a police officer.

My mother's father James Edward Battjes, was born Denis Ray Case, in Kalamazo Michigan. He was adopted by the Battjes Family when he was a toddler. The records of his birth mother are blocked. The Battjes family has books written on them because they were part of a big immigration in the 1800s from Holland. He had two sisters and a brother. He owned a car repair shop in Texas. My mother is his only child. He had six grandchildren.

My mom's mother Jacqueline Cook, daughter of Dee and Billy cook. She married James Edward Battjes, and had one child with him.

My mother Melissa Cordova is a student at the moment. She is the hardworking mother of six children. She is married to Hector Cordova.

*I was not able to find many names and dates. I'm going to go and look other places for them.


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