Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Dad's Side of the Family Story

My dad's grandmother and her sister lived during the Mexican Revolution. (1910) Their father owned a larger ranch. During the war the Revolutionary Men would steal women and take them as wives, and help them with things while they were fighting. They would also steal whatever they need from the people. The girls father built secret rooms in the basement to hide his daughters in so they would not be taken. The Revolutionary Men would at times stay for weeks. Because of this the girls would have to stay underground in total silence, and the ranch hands would sneak food to them.

My dad's dad's mother was the only daughter of her parents because her twin brother died at birth. Her parents died when she was very young. All the land and animals they left her was stolen by her relatives, and then they sent her off to live with her Godparents. She never got anything back, even when she was an adult.
Emilio Brachetti is my fathers 3rd great grandfather. He came to Mexico from Italy in the 1800s. He came right when President Proflio Dias opened Mexico's borders to immigrants looking for greater opportunity. He was a civil engineer and a successful architect. When he came to Mexico he was hired by the government to design the city of "Oaxaca". He also helped to design the railroad, and established the lines for the "states" in the south pacific part of Mexico. Emilio also helped to build a machine to bring water to the inner cities. His name and many things that he did are written in Mexican history books. He was named "Master Engineer" for his work in Oaxaca. He had 5 children with his 1st wife. After she died he had 4 children with his 2nd wife. He forced all of his children how to speak English, French, and Spanish at a young age. He died at a young at in an accident on his way to a political meeting.

Emilio Brachetti's son Felipe Brachetti became a world renown doctor. His studies were focused on antidote's for poison and insect bites. He was a chemist, and a biologist. He wrote books on his studies in French and English. He spoke Italian, English, and Spanish fluently. One of his biggest projects was in a little mining town in Mexico. He found that many of the miners were suffering from a new kind of radiation. He is recognized for discovering a new kind of radioactive isotopic element. He also lived during the Mexican Revolution (I'm not positive which side) and he was a doctor for the soldiers. He had 12 children.

Felipe Brachetti's daughter Lus Maria Brachetti was a feminist in the 1900s. She was a successful lawyer, even though there was hardly any other women in her feild of work. She spoke French, English, and Spanish fluently. She died at the age of 30, when a simple operation became tragic. The anesthesiologist used too much anesthesia and she was killed. She never married my grandmother's father, but she did eventually get married with someone else.

Lus Maria Brachetti's daughter Maria Velazquez Cordova. She took her step-fathers last name. She was one semester away from completing her double major in biology and chemistry. She worked as a surgical nurse in Mexico. Her mother Lus Brachetti died when she was only 15 years old. When her mother died she went to live with her father, whom she barley knew. As soon as she left she stopped studying English, and French as her mother was trying to get her learn. She has four children with her husband Hector Cordova.
My father's father Hector Mario Cordova. His parents did not marry either. His fathers last name was Garcia, but his mother gave him her last name. He also almost finished his degree as a chemist. He worked for the government for 20 years as a Programmer Analyst. He was one of the first people to work as a Computer Programmer in Mexico. He has four children with his wife Maria Velazquez Cordova.

My father Hector Horacio Cordova is an accountant. He moved to America from Mexico right after the two year mission he served for the LDS church. Even though he barley spoke English he was able to get a job, and eventually he met my mother. He graduated from Sam Houston in 2008. He builds his own computers. He is the father of six children. And the husband of Melissa Cordova.

Hector Cordova's daughter Lauren Cordova. She is a student at the moment. She has not yet graduated from anywhere, and she is 15.


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