Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Living History Journal Project! Aftermath...

Finishing this project has really inspired me. I never knew half the things I now know about my family. I'm in awe of the things that my ancestors have done, and the way they have shaped my life.

I feel extremely thankful that they kept records of the important things they did. I never really appreciate the things I learned at Church. They always tell us to write in our personal journals, to search out our family history, to get to know the works of you ancestors. I now realize the importance in that counsel. Without records I would have never known that I am a cousin of British Royalty, or that my grandmother's shaped the feminist movement, or the medical discoveries of my other ancestors. Because of this project, I feel excited to get the chance to read the family records. My dad just showed me today that he has put together 64 pages of our family history. This Winter I plan on helping him do more pages, and learn how to operate the LDS Family Search site with better technique. This 64 pages contain the history of where I came from, and that shapes who I will become. I cannot wait to read those pages, and be a part of adding on to them.

I'm looking forward to camping this February, and making the camp fire. I'll probably even volunteer to do the dishes at the camping grounds. This project is kind of like my dish washing experience. I didn't realize how much I actually enjoyed it until it was over.

I've been able to increase my appreciate for all the sacrifices my dad, grandparents, and other family members made to come to America, the great land of freedom and opportunity. It makes me adore my Country even more. It makes me want to cry tears of gratefulness to know realize that I'm blessed to know my family, all the way to my great grandparents.

I'm also thankful for my brother Josh who recorded my interview, and also took pictures of me at the Renissance Festival. He didn't even complain that much! This project helped my brother and I spend time together. And while it might have been horrible to him, I kind of enjoyed his company.
This has been a spectacular experience for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it. My particular favorite part was interviewing my Great Grandma Dee. Although, I didn't get the opportunity to talk to Great Grandma Battjes I will find time to interview her, and get to know her like I got to know Grandma Dee. Because the interview really brought us closer.


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