Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Immigration Roots of My Family

I think it is very important for the children to know the language of the country they are born in. My father did not teach my siblings and I Spanish even though he is from Mexico. One of the reasons it is good to speak the language of my families orgin is that I could communicate better with my grandparents who speak Spanish. It is really  important for children to know their family roots because it shows them where they came from. From my experience with this project, I see that I am a decedent of hard working people, who even though they were immigrants to America they became successful.

My mother's grandmother on her fathers side, Mary Jane Hybles, is first generation American. Her parents immigrated to America from Holland. They did not have a very hard immigration. They were financially well off, the spoke Dutch and English, so the transition was not very hard for them.

My mother's grandfathers family on her fathers side, Battjes, family immigrated from Holland as well in the 1800s, they also came from money. The family owned businesses.

My mother's grandmother on her mothers side was the Antrims. (More information to come)

Two branches of the Brachetti family immigrated to Mexico. They came from Alto Detrento in Italy, a city that was surrounded by Germany, France as well. They come from royal blood lines, from Spanish and English royalty. Even today some of the Brachetti family is in Italy. Recently my aunt has been in contact with one of our families long lost cousin. One of the reasons why the Brachetti family was so spread out is because of the family fueds. Many times after a parent died the children would fight over land and money, many hard feelings were set in place because of this, and they never spoke to each other again.


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