Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Genealogy Interview with my Dad

I interview my dad about my family genealogy because he has reasearched most of out families information.

Where did you find out family information?

"Well, I used the LDS Genealogy centers, families working together to reasearch, original documents, birth and Social Secutrity records, other Geneology societies. A part of my family has books written about their research and accomplishments. And your mothers family has books written about the "Antrims" which she is decended from. I also got names of some of our "Antrim" family because an some one sent your Grandma Dee a letter with all the names that they had researched from journals of the "Antrims". She gave me a copy of the letter so I could insert them in our family tree."

Where did you meet obstacles in your research?
"Like I said, it's hard to find the names and stories of the "Antrims" because they kept most of their records in a book, and it's not avalible to the public. I also had problems with "adoption" laws, I cannot trace your grandfathers birth family because of them."

What other kinds of interesting things did you find out during your research?
"Well, throughout all the generations of women in our family we have many feminists in our family. In fact, your grandmothers all the way back were getting divorced and working as lawyers, doctors long before the feminist movement in both Mexico and America."

Family history is facisnating to me. I absoultly love hearing about the amazing things that my ancestors have done. It makes me proud of who I am, and greatful for the oppurtunities that I now have because of their actions. My family is spectacular. And now I know what kind people I come from. It makes me want to be better so that one day 80 years from now one of my future realitives will say "Wow, Grandma Lauren was awesome. I want to do great things just like she did."

Thank you so much dad for sharing with me. And for waking up early on a Saturday to help me!


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